Why Us

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Variety of food

It’s understandable that people don’t like to eat the same food every day. A change is extremely necessary, which is why we serve different varieties of food you crave for on a daily basis, without compromising on health. We aim our best to keep it interesting and make sure the ones who eat the food love it.

We serve variations of different cuisines including, North Indian, South Indian, Maharshtrian, Mughlai, Mumbai street food etc. We are capable of offering even International cuisines like, Italian, Chinese, Thai and much more.

India is a country full of colors and festivals and we take pride in offering special food on such occasions. Festival Specials, Special Days, and other popular food festivals like Pizza Festival, Bombay Street Food Day and so on.

Passion for Serving

Always serving with a smile!

Food is an important part in our daily life and we understand the role it plays in a company’s culture. Service is as important as the taste of the food, and a humble smile always makes everything better. We passionately serve delicious food with an extraordinary service.

Our staff is professionally trained to meet any challenges and present everyone with a great experience, whether they are employees or senior executive staff. We make sure everyone is happy by exceeding the expectations of everyone we serve.

Quality Policy

We understand that it’s our responsibility to serve healthy food prepared in a hygienic environment and we are committed to maintain high quality standards. We make sure we provide healthy and hygienic food without any compromises made at our end. All groceries, vegetables and other raw materials are sourced from reputed and trustworthy local vendors and it is made sure by us that they meet the criteria of our required standards in terms of freshness and quality.

Concern for Environment

We have taken steps to reduce our footprint on this great earth! We have learned many methods of being green by proper disposal methods, using green cleaning product and reducing or eliminating our consumption on plastic materials. We respect our customers concern and participate in their go green policy.